Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 3/30/13

  • March 30, 2013

2-1 for me on Friday night, but not getting Florida home for my players was rough. I would make that bet 100 out of 100 times, and I’m convinced I would win it 80 out of 100. Mismatch. Still cannot fathom what took place early, and even with the terrible start, the Gators had every chance to win by 20+ points. That’s why they call it gambling.

The free play got there as Michigan did, in fact, get very lucky, with the bomb to force OT and then the outright win.

Today’s comp is on the Wichita State-Ohio State clash.

I will have the NL previews later today in advance of the start of real MLB action. And be sure to find out what I’m offering for serious players by emailing me at cokin@cox.net.
03/30 04:05 PM CB (523) WICHITA STATE VS (524) OHIO STATE


Ohio State is still breathing, but they’re lucky to be doing so. The Buckeyes probably should have lost to Iowa State, and they needed a three-point bomb to avoid OT after coughing up a lead against Arizona. After looking completely dominant last weekend, things haven’t gone nearly as well for the Big 10 the last couple of days and I can see more trouble looming here. Wichita State has looked totally legit in winning three games, and while the Buckeyes are obviously the toughest assignment to date for the Shockers, I give them a real shot to move on to the Final Four. No one is going to outcoach Gregg Marshall, and the math I use to calculate the probably result has this game as nearly a tossup. Ohio State would be my choice with no spread involved, but factor in the spread and the bottom line says Wichita State plus the points gets the money.