Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 1/20/13

  • January 20, 2013

Just about everything went right for me on Saturday. I’m not really big on hyping any random day’s results, so let’s leave it at that. The only focus now is to do it again today. Here’s the free play for the day.



North Carolina State figured to be in a dead spot off the upset win against Duke. Sure enough, the Wolfpack came up short in a trip to Maryland. But they actually impressed me in the defeat. I thought the defense would suffer, but the fact is they played with plenty of focus. They simply could not get the ball to go in the basket, which is highly unusual for one of the best shooting teams in the country. Back home and now off a loss, I have to think NC State gets it back together today. Clemson is off a pair of quality wins, but those were at Littlejohn. The away from home stats for the Tigers are almost comically awful. The tough part here is that Clemson is working very hard on defense and this is a good sized number to spot against a team that has that scratch and claw mentality. But with the Tigers as inept offensively as they have been shooting threes away from their friendly confines, I’m less worried about the late back door bombs if they’re behind. That’s always a factor for me when considering laying a bigger number. Since it’s not a major worry here, I’ll go ahead with North Carolina State today.