Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 3/24/13

  • March 24, 2013

My Saturday personal plays produced a split, winning big with Michigan and Weber State. Lost a hockey play on San Jose, which played a pretty good game but ran into an impenetrable goalie. No complaints at all about the hockey, as it has been rock solid. The other loser was Gonzaga.

I’m certainly not going to say I had the right side with the Zags, but I also thought I was going to win that bet when they got up eight in the second half. Unfortunately for them and me as well, Wichita State went bananas from beyond the arc and turned the entire game in their favor in the process. That’s not the tendency for the Shockers. They are not a good three-point shooting team, and in effect, the mere fact they were shooting so many should have worked in Gonzaga’s favor. This time it didn’t, and that’s the way it goes.

What amused me was the game aftermath and the seemingly endless tirades about how this proved Gonzaga should never have been a top seed. I’m not sure I disagree with that assessment, but here’s something you can take to the bank. If Wichita State continues to shoot the ball as insanely well as they did against Gonzaga, they’re going to take down some other top seed as well. In other words, this was a game where credit needs to go to the winner, and it sure doesn’t prove that Gonzaga was overseeded.

The Saturday comp on Butler was a push. I still don’t think Marquette is anything special, but credit where it’s due once again, this team finds a way to win. Here’s Sunday’s free opinion.
03/24 09:15 AM CB (723) IOWA STATE (724) OHIO STATE

Take: (723) IOWA STATE

The more I see of Iowa State, the more I’m impressed by the Cyclones. They’re certainly not unbeatable, but blowing this team out is another story entirely. It’s true that the last two Iowa State defeats were lopsided, but I’m chalking those up to mitigating circumstances. I had a feeling they might actually be too fired up for the B12 tourney rematch with Kansas, and they ended up playing horribly. The loss at Oklahoma was right after getting absolutely robbed by the refs in their home game with Kansas, and they were predictably awful in that game. But the other losses since league play began were very competitive, and they were all on the extremely tough B12 road. This is on the road as well. Let’s face it, it’s a virtual home game for Ohio State, and the Buckeyes are scorching hot right now. Those two aspects are bothersome. Nevertheless, I like the idea of backing a team that can hang around with the ability to knock down shots from anywhere, and that therefore also has back door cover potential even if they fall substantially behind in a game. The Cyclones have the look of a very confident team right now and I don’t see them getting crushed here. Enough ammo to grab the sizable spread with Iowa State.