Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 3/31/13

  • March 31, 2013

Okay results for me on Saturday, with a bottom line of 3-2, +0.9. Got a little greedy with a hockey play and missed that, split two in the NBA, and got the 2-0 college sweep with Syracuse and Weber State. The free play also came through as Wichita State got the outright win against Ohio State.

And with that, here we go! The 2013 MLB campaign breaks loose tonight as the Rangers take the field against the Astros. While the majority of the free plays here are games that just missed the personal plays cut line, this one will be a bet for me.

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Let’s try and get out of the gate at 1-0!


The Astros are a very bad team, and it’s a good bet I won’t be racing to the window to back this team many times this season. But I think Houston gets it done tonight. Overall, Matt Harrison and Bud Norris are pretty close, but Norris has some really impressive home splits. This is his first opening day start, and it’s also the first game for the Astros under the new manager, Bo Porter. And, of course, it’s the AL debut for this franchise, and it’s also against the team that will be its main rival. All good reasons to back Houston tonight. The not so good is that I’ll have to sweat the Astros bullpen, which could be a disaster area. But Harrison was not sharp this spring, and even though the results and the stats didn’t count, the Astros showed some real pop in the exhibition games. Under normal conditions, I probably don’t bother with this. But there are some real intangibles in play here, and with the price as high as it is, reason enough to take my chances with the Astros to pull the upset.