Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 9/29/13

  • September 29, 2013

Okay Saturday on the gridiron, but the ending for me was downright cruel and unusual punishment. I managed to go 3-2 with the personal plays, which is fine. Pretty clean on the three winners, wrong side on the two losers. I’ll sign up now for 60% winners for the rest of my life, so no complaints there. Add on the NC State winner as the comp, and it’s a decent overall performance.

There was one other play on the card that I ended up buying off due to the weather. I had played Oregon, but when the forecast of very heavy rain and wind came through, I decided to opt out and take back Cal. I was also able to set up a long shot middle as I bought back the Bears at more than I had laid with Oregon.

The Ducks just killed Cal in the first half and I hadn’t really even considered having any shot to get lucky on this game. But sure enough, it’s garbage time and here come the Golden Bears. They put together a late drive and nail a TD to make it 55-16. Extra point and it lands on 38, which gets me a middle, and a great ending to the day. And then it happens. Kick wide left, and not just a little bit wide. That’s called getting very lucky and then getting more unlucky. Brutal finish to the day to be sure.


The best thing about yesterday was that the keys I use to isolate my best plays are really kicking in. I wish I’d have played them all, but the fact they’re playing out the way I think they’re supposed to for the most part is extremely encouraging.

I’m looking forward to a big October and there probably isn’t a better time to get in the loop for my personal plays. Football, the MLB playoffs, plus the onset of the NHL campaign means loads of action and what I’m expecting to be substantial profits as well. You can purchase weekly or monthly subscriptions using the “buy now” feature on this page, or simply drop me a line for all the pertinent into at cokin@cox.net.


North Carolina State got a little dicey for a bit despite the Wolfpack leading 38-0 in the final quarter. But the ending was fine, and the result was another free play winner. That’s an 8-1 current run in football, and overall I’m 15-4 the last 19 days. Let’s try to keep it going today with one from the NFL.



The big tease is on once again in Dallas. Maybe this is the season the Cowboys maintain the momentum and live up to billing. But we’ve been down this road many times before over the last several seasons, and this team will have to convince me that their latest burst is nothing more than another mirage.

The Chargers have been an early season surprise despite being just 1-2. Fact is, they probably ought to be 3-0, but just don’t yet have the ability to close the show. San Diego blew a big lead against Houston to start the season, and gave away another victory last week when they let the Titans drive almost the entire length of the field with no time outs.

There’s some concern here about that late fade tendency, and even in the win against the Eagles, San Diego blew a couple of scores with red zone blunders. But I think it’s fair to say the Chargers might be better than most of us thought going in.

As for Dallas, I’m looking at them as the team to beat now in what is a suddenly awful NFC East. But this is not a great scheduling spot for the Cowboys. They lost their only prior away game, and there’s also the possible look ahead with the powerful Broncos heading into Dallas next Sunday.

I’ve lost track of how many times the Cowboys have laid an egg off a blowout win, and the fact they’re such a public team off this type of performance means there’s no lack of value. I prefer to side with a host that looks live as a dog, so the Chargers are the choice today.