Dave’s Free Play, Thursday 2/28/13

  • February 28, 2013

I’ll be getting started with baseball analysis tomorrow, with a little focus on fantasy baseball at the outset. The free plays will remain on the college hardwood for the entire month of March, with an occasional NBA or NHL opinion on nights where there aren’t any college games. Hopefully, they will fare better than last night’s Missouri State disaster. Looks like the good Illinois State might be back in action. Just as food for thought, watch out for that team in the MVC Tourney. The Redbirds have lots of talent, and if their heads are on straight, they can win that tournament.

On to tonight’s opinion, and this time it’s on a very nondescript hookup in the WAC.


Reason: Texas-Arlington is far from an offensive juggernaut. But at least this team can put the ball in the basket every once in awhile. San Jose State just cannot get anything to fall. Since losing their best player for the season, the Spartans have become the most inept shooting team in the nation. Minus Kinney, this team is now 173/541 for a staggering 32% from the field. That’s actually tough to do, but the numbers don’t lie. For some reason I cannot figure, it still isn’t showing in the spread, despite the fact that San Jose State is not covering anything. I see that unfortunate trend being maintained this evening, and I will side with Texas-Arlington to put enough on the board to notch the win and cover.