Dave’s Free Play, Thursday 3/28/13

  • March 28, 2013

Skipping the MLB previews today, but will wrap those up over the next couple of days.

Wednesday personal plays were the Thunder and Spurs in the NBA along with Weber State in college. 2-1 if laying the widely available -8.5 on the Wildcats. Those who got stuck with -9 end up 1-1-1.

Still time to get set up for baseball, which gets rolling in what is now just a handful of hours, which I am definitely counting. Email me directly at cokin@cox.net for all the details.

Friday’s comp is on one of the Sweet 16 battles. Not a strong opinion by any means, but hopefully a right side that helps!
03/28 07:15 PM CB (813) LA SALLE (814) WICHITA STATE


I think we’re looking at a pretty even hookup tonight as La Salle squares off with Wichita State. But I’m giving the Shockers the edge this evening in spite of the fact that my numbers actually have this closer than the betting line. Two reason stand out. The first is the ability of Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall to adjust on the fly. Marshall would easily be on the list of my top ten coaches, and that’s worth a basket in a game like this. The other factor is fatigue. The Explorers were gassed down the stretch in the Ole Miss game, and La Salle would already be home for the summer had it not been for some abysmal Mississippi free throw shooting. One team has earned its way here, while the other has gotten a little help from Lady Luck. I don’t mean that as a dismissal of La Salle by any means. But when lining up the columns and then factoring in the perceived intangibles, Wichita wins the game more often than not. That being the case, I’m compelled to lean to the favorite tonight, Wichita State minus the points.