Dave’s Free Play, Tuesday 2/26/13

  • February 26, 2013

Bad beats are bad enough. Getting robbed is worse. Iowa State backers, not to mention the Cyclones themselves, got ripped off by the refs last night, plain and simple. The final 90 seconds of regulation would rank among the worst displays of officiating I’ve ever seen. Needless to say, I was on Iowa State. But even the most ardent Jayhawks fan probably knows this was one Kansas didn’t deserve to win.

Bottom line is that dwelling on one that got away serves no purpose. So let’s move ahead to the Tuesday card and a scheduling dynamics spot in the the Horizon that should offer a good opportunity to cash a winning ticket.
02/26 04:30 PM CB (525) LOYOLA CHICAGO VS (526) DETROIT


Detroit had a chance to put itself into the at-large mix at Wichita State on Saturday. Instead the Titans squandered the opportunity and their only path to the Dance now will be in the Horizon tourney. I can see this being a major letdown spot for a team that has trouble playing 40 minutes on a regular basis. Loyola is no bargain, but the Ramblers should be able to compete here against a host that even on Senior Night figures to have trouble being focused. Big points available, and I’ll take them with Loyola.