Dave’s Free Play, Tuesday 4/23/13

  • April 23, 2013

I got the perfecto on Tuesday night, winning both NBA games and also nailing 2-0 on the diamond with the Brewers and Red Sox. The slate tonight looks deeper and I’m already on three MLB sides plus one Total, so I’m hoping what is actually a quick little 6-0 run (won the last two plays on Sunday) turns into something of real substance with a big night this evening.

I’m not likely to get involved with either the Diamondbacks-Giants or the Yankees-Rays on Tuesday night, but will be interested to see how two somewhat struggling aces perform. Neither the Giants Matt Cain or Tampa lefty David Price are off to good starts, although in each case luck has been a bit of a factor and neither guy is in as bad a form as the grotesque ERA’s would indicate. I think both guys have a good chance to grab wins tonight as Cain is a very good bounce back pitcher and Price is facing a shorthanded Yankees lineup that suddenly looks very vulnerable to lefties. But I’m also not big on laying major wood, so each guy will simply be on the watch list tonight.

The daily free opinions have hit a bump in the road over the past week, but as always, a reminder that these are games I like, but more often than not, they do not make my actual play list. To get those games, rates and info are available simply by sending me an email at cokin@cox.net.


Julio Teheran vs. Jon Garland in the second game of today’s doubleheader at Coors Field between the Braves and Rockies. The Teheran hype machine was on tilt coming out of spring training, but these first three regular season starts have quieted things down substantially. I’m not going to just dismiss Teheran as a future front line pitcher. He’s got the stuff to make it happen. But there’s also no doubt his stock is dropping and at least for the time being, Teheran is a pitcher worth fade consideration. He has yet to record a quality start and Coors would not seem like the best locale for a turnaround, even with the cold weather. Teheran is not exhibiting pinpoint control and his fly ball rate is on the high side. He’s also up against a lineup that has been doing quite a bit of damage and I would say there’s a good chance Teheran gets knocked around tonight.

Jon Garland has been a stunning surprise to me in the early going. When I saw that Garland had made the Colorado rotation, I was pretty well convinced he would be done after a handful of starts. But while Garland is hardly dominant, he’s locating his pitches really well and even with a little good fortune, the veteran righty is pitching solid ball. A very low walk rate and lots of ground balls has been Garland’s recipe for success thus far, and if he can maintain those ratios, there’s no reason he won’t continue to succeed.

No Jason Heyward here for Atlanta, but they are getting Freddie Freeman back from the DL. No idea if he plays both games, but if Freeman sits in one, it figures to be the nightcap. The weather at night figures to provide at least a small advantage to the Rockies. Right now, as far as whether this becomes a personal play is concerned, it’s strictly in the lean category as I want to see the lineups for the second game before getting involved. But the data and the scenario at least favor the home team right now, so the Rockies in Game Two are today’s free play.