Dave’s Free Play, Tuesday 4/30/13

  • April 30, 2013

Off another plus night on Monday, thanks to getting the winner on the amazing marathon between the Angels and A’s. Lucky win? You bet it was, and you bet I’ll take it as well!

I’m in the midst of a really nice run right now, and this one is pretty extended as it’s been going on for what amounts to a couple of months. As previously noted, it was needed following a February that was my worst month in at least several years. But that fiasco of a month is no longer even in the rear view mirror, and the ledger for the year is starting to look pretty good.

Two more days to get in on the May special. Rates are the same, but I’m including a guarantee in terms of net unit profit for the coming month, and that’s without any crazy 10 unit plays or anything like that. Almost all my personal plays are a flat one unit each. It’s still only feasible for medium or higher players, but if that’s you, it’s worth checking out. Send me an email at cokin@cox.net for the details and costs.

Daily free plays are getting warm again. Let’s try for four in a row with the second game of the Halos-A’s series.


The Angels and A’s have to be a little bit drained coming out of the amazing Monday night marathon. The win was sweet for Oakland, as they rallied from way back to force the extras and then won it in the 19th inning. Good thing, as they were about at the point when they were literally running out of bodies.

That’s really the essence of tonight’s opinion. Oakland got all kinds of dinged up in the game that wouldn’t end, and they’re likely to be shorthanded tonight. The bullpens for both teams took a hit last night, but it was worse for the A’s. I have to give the Halos a significant edge just in terms of the available bodies tonight.

Beyond that, Garrett Richards rates a considerable advantage over Jarrod Parker in the starting pitcher comparison. Richards is displaying what he’s capable of when he commands his pitches and avoids walks. But Jarrod Parker is pretty much of a disaster right now. Parker needs to work his changeup to be successful, and he simply has not been able to locate that pitch on any kind of regular basis. That means a reliance on his other pitches, and the results have been downright hideous.

The Angels are having a rough time of it, and it’s seemingly never easy to beat this determined Oakland entry. But off the starting pitchers and the circumstances out of the crazy Monday nighter, I have to side with the Halos tonight.

(Note this is NOT a personal play at this time. If that changes, it will be noted on my Twitter page in advance of the start.)