Dave’s Free Play, Tuesday 8/25/15

  • August 25, 2015

I have an idea for a brand new 24-hour network that could make for popular viewing on cable or satellite TV. Welcome to the Apology Network!

Hey, why not? There’s a network for just about everything already, but this one would have an endless supply of new content, thanks to the astonishing inability of people to comprehend that whatever they happen to say is probably being recorded by someone.

Cris Carter is the star of today’s Apology Network main event. Carter’s advice to first-year NFL players at the 2014 NFL Rookie Symposium got discovered thanks to a recent ESPN The Magazine interview with former 49er Chris Borland. The gist of the speech was a suggestion by Carter to make sure there’s a “fall guy in your crew” in case legal trouble arises.

The irony is that it probably wasn’t bad advice for those players who feel the need to have a “crew”, but that’s not the point. It almost seemed as though Carter was endorsing the concept of players going this route, and that’s kind of stupid to begin with.

Carter’s apology was more ridiculous than the actual “advice”, as among his comments was this tidbit.

“It’s not the kind of advice I would offer young people.” Okay, except that’s exactly what you did, Cris.

Here’s what’s even more hilarious, however. The NFL quickly issued a statement condemning the Carter remarks. Typical vanilla stuff, you know the basic words without even reading them. But the laugh riot here is that this video was found at NFL.com, where it had been archived for some time, as this wasn’t a recent entry. It’s important to note that this was from the 2014 symposium, not one that had just taken place.

Perhaps the NFL needs to also issue a mea culpa for archiving videos they clearly never bothered to even look at.

The bad news for me is that I just realized there’s no real need for implementation of my otherwise brilliant idea for the Apology Network. It already exists, it just goes by another name. That would be the NFL Network.


Short card for me on Monday, but it worked out nicely thanks to Kris Bryant launching a game winning homer for the Cubs. A little more depth on the Tuesday slate, with two games already played and a couple others likely to make the cut.

The NFL pre-season has been nice so far with a 7-3 slate. You’ll get all my plays in college and pro football right through the Super Bowl by subscribing to my service, and I’m including the rest of the baseball season as a bonus. Get all the details as weekly as the costs by emailing me directly at cokin@cox.net.


The Royals came through as the Monday free play. Tuesday’s comp is one of the meaningless games on the MLB slate, but it sure won’t be that for those wagering on the outcome.

ROCKIES (Bettis) @ BRAVES (Foltynewicz)

Take: BRAVES -106

Mike Foltynewicz is still getting starts for the Braves, in spite of being mostly terrible. Foltynewicz certainly has the look of a pitcher who’s ultimate destination is late inning relief. But with the Braves not in contention for anything other than a high pick in the 2016 draft, I guess they might as well see if he can harness his command and prove to have worth as a starting pitcher.

I’m mentioning this because I’m taking the Braves here in spite of Foltynewicz. There’s really no way to make a good case for him, and admittedly he’s the big concern I have with this selection. But other aspects I see favor the Braves enough to warrant looking at their side as the right side tonight.

Chad Bettis has pitched very well in a pair of minor league rehabs as he prepares to come off the disabled list. In another season of disappointment for the Rockies, Bettis has actually provided something positive. But this is is his first start off the DL and I wouldn’t think that Bettis will be extended here as there’s simply no point in the Rockies taking any risk with a pitcher who profiles as a rotation member for 2016.

That means a good likelihood of at least three innings for the hapless Rockies bullpen, and perhaps more than that. The Braves aren’t exactly lights out when it comes to their bullpen, but they’re aces compared to the arms populating the Rockies relief corps.

It should also be noted that I’d be surprised if Carlos Gonzalez plays tonight for the visitors. CarGo tweaked his knee last night and had to leave the game. Given his very lengthy injury history, it seems unlikely we’ll see him in action tonight. That’s a major hit for the Rockies attack as Gonzalez has been on a tremendous tear and even if it’s just one game, that’s a big potential hope in the Colorado lineup.

The Braves have not been good at all lately, but they did snap their losing streak last night. The idea of playing against Colorado on the road in the even money neighborhood is appealing. Foltynewicz is a huge risk to be sure, but at this price and factoring in the aforementioned material, I’ll make a case for the Braves as tonight’s free play.