Dave’s Free Play, Wednesday 4/30/14

  • April 30, 2014

Just a heads up I’ll be skipping the editorial portion of the daily blog till next Monday, as I’m on a semi-vacation this week. That means I’m not doing any of my usual daily radio. But, of course, there are basically no days off for the serious sports bettor, so the free plays will be posted as usual, albeit with analysis that’s a bit on the brief side for the next few days.

Solid 3-1 Wednesday, with 2-1 on the diamond, and what I thought was a virtual no brainer on the Clippers -2.5 1Q. Considering all the hoopla surrounding the banning of Donald Sterling, this figured to be a heavy adrenaline rush for the hosts. One look at the team in the pre-game shots and I knew I had a real good shot to cash that ticket. Wish they were all that easy to spot, huh?

Meanwhile, today is the finale for the April special. 30 days of all my baseball plays, and the first month of the campaign was certainly highly encouraging. The offer also includes a guarantee. Use the “Buy Now” tab and select “April Baseball Special” from the drop down menu to purchase securely via Paypal. For questions or more info, simply shoot me an email at cokin@cox.net.


The daily free plays posted here have done really well long term. But there are going to be short term skids, and the comps are in that realm right now. So I’ll pick on the worst team in MLB to try and snap out of tonight.


Take; (909) COLORADO ROCKIES +103

It just keeps getting worse for the Diamondbacks. The Snakes are downright awful right now, and the Murphy’s Law run has now extended to Reno. Archie Bradley, by far the top prospect in the organization, is down with an elbow issue.  It’s being called a minor strain of the flexor tendon, and fingers are being crossed by everyone connected with the franchise that it’s nothing more than that.

As for the parent team, they’re a disaster right now. When they get a good pitching performance, which has been pretty rare, they don’t score. When the Diamondbacks put enough numbers on the board to win, the pitching falls apart and they lose. The clubhouse has to be a sullen atmosphere right now, and it might not get any better tonight.

Jordan Lyles is one of the good stories on what has been a really nice peril for the Rockies. Colorado appears to have some okay pitching this season, and if they can limit the opposition, this team could end up as a legitimate playoff contender. Long way to go before that can be written in ink, but the possibilities are there. As for Lyles, he’s throwing strikes and he’s keeping the ball down. With some really good defense behind him that’s a recipe for success.

Josh Collmenter is doing okay for the hosts, but he’s basically done after five or six frames tops, and that means substantial work for a bullpen that is average, and less that that recently. Plus, I think we’re starting to see the Arizona starters with that mental mindset that they need to be perfect to win, and that’s never a good thing as it means added pressure.

All Rockies so far in this series and they’ll be looking to close out a nice road swing with one more win. The matchup is close as far as the starting pitching goes, but the rest of the edges are strictly Colorado. The Rockies at any underdog odds seem worth taking to me.