Dave’s Free Play, Wednesday 7/31/13

  • July 31, 2013

Time to say so long to July, and I’ll be sad it see it go. This was a very strong month for me in baseball,  and things have gone especially well since the All-Star break. Here’s hoping the good results are maintained through August, especially with football now in the mix.

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Tuesday was perfect for me, as I swept the board on my personal plays, and also enjoyed a tremendous comeback on the free opinion as the Rangers rallied past what is now an hilariously awful Angels team.


The big news of the day was a three-team swap between the Red Sox, Tigers and White Sox. This looks like a solid deal for all three teams in terms of getting what they wanted.

The Red Sox needed a starting pitcher, particularly given the uncertain status of Clay Buchholz. Veteran Jake Peavy should be energized as he moves to a contender, and he appears to be a great fit for the Red Sox. The Tigers picked up a great glove in Jose Iglesias. Don’t be misled by that .330 average Iglesias is sporting. He’s probably not going to hit all that much. But his defense is superb and with Jhonny Peralta likely to face a suspension at some point, he’s a very good acquisition for the Tigers. As for the White Sox, they unloaded some payroll and also were able to land a good prospect in Avisail Garcia. If he improves his plate discipline, Garcia could become a star. Kudos to the management of each of these teams for executing what might well be a win-win-win deal.


I’m going to put forth some thoughts on the controversial new CNBC program called “Money Talks”, but I’m waiting to possibly hear back from the principals involved. If I can’t get any meaningful replies, I’ll go with what I’ve got. But not until efforts to hear all sides are exhausted.


07/31 04:10 PM  MLB   (959) NEW YORK METS (960) MIAMI MARLINS

Take: (959) NEW YORK METS

The Mets are enjoying their stay in Miami, having nailed down back to back wins over the Marlins. This is a reversal of what had been taking place earlier in the season, as Miami was giving the Mets fits. But the Mets are returning the favor in this series, and have a good chance to pick up another win tonight.

I was very impressed with Jenrry Mejia in his return to the big leagues last week. Mejia really commanded his off speed pitches nicely, and that’s going to make his heat more difficult to time. This guy has always had a live arm, and I’m of the belief that he is going to be a solid big league starting pitcher.

Henderson Alvarez will be on the hill for the Marlins, and he can be difficult as well. Alvarez won’t blow hitters away, but when he’s right he’ll induce lots of ground balls.

The bad news for Alvarez is that he has been surviving this year despite a very inflated line drive percentage. His ground ball rate is in the low 40’s, and he cannot afford to be living in that neighborhood. In other words, if Alvarez doesn’t start producing a better looking hit chart, he’s going to start getting blown up. That’s the curse of the pitcher who cannot generate swings and misses, something Alvarez rarely gets.

This opinion is basically entirely based on the two starting pitchers. I feel Mejia owns an advantage over Alvarez, but the latter has been installed as small chalk. Advantage therefore to the Mets, and I’ll make them the Wednesday comp.