Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 6/13/17

Close the books on the "winter" sports, which somehow don't conclude till almost the start of summer. Man, those are long seasons. Congrats to the Penguins and Warriors, your NHL and NBA champs. The NBA title series was a foregone conclusion before the season started. The Warriors are an all-time great team, there's just no doubt about it. I don't compare teams from different eras, as I think it's waste of time with no way to prove out any claim. But anyone who doesn't think this Golden State squad is something truly special is crazy. Now the focus is on baseball, at least until the gridiron action resumes. Fortunately, there are no slam dunks to make the World Series at this point. That makes the regular season actually worth watching! ------------ Things could not have gone much better for me on Monday night. My Warriors +250 in exactly five games won, and that late three by the Cavs allowed me to push the hedge wager. Two unit winner in baseball (my largest play to date ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Monday 6/12/17

Rack it. The Pittsburgh Penguins are NHL Stanley Cup champs for the second straight season. But I can't blame Nashville fans for having a bad taste in their collective mouths right now. Simply stated, the Predators should have been ahead 1-0 in this game but a quick whistle denied them that crucial second period score. There isn't any question the goal was good and the whistle shouldn't have been blown. Unfortunately, the referee lost sight of the puck, thought the Penguins goalie has possession and stopped play. That's what the official is supposed to do when he loses sight of the puck. The rule is the rule. So it was a terrible break for the Predators and needless to say it had a big impact on Game Six. But let's also point out that the Preds had four powers plays to none for Pittsburgh, including a 5-on-3 for about half a minute and they didn't take advantage. I had the Penguins to win the series, so perhaps I'm not as upset as I might be if I had been pulling for the ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 6/11/17

Well, that's good news. I was watching last night's Marlins-Pirates game when Giancarlo Stanton got drilled on the hand by a 95 MPH heater. I'm sure others viewing the game has the exact same reaction when the HBP took place. Oh no, not again. Stanton has had some really tough injury luck since arriving in the majors. That includes a prior hit by pitch in 2014 that basically broke his face. Plus, another hit by pitch in 2015 that broke his left wrist. This time, very fortunately, it's just a contusion. Hopefully, we'll be able to watch one of the most exciting players in baseball back on the field shortly. And let's also hope this is the last time Stanton gets nailed by an errant fastball. I'd say he's already absorbed more than his fair share of the real version of a wild pitch. -------------- This hasn't been a good week for me. 0-2 Saturday plus a push on the Diamondbacks -1. It's going to run this way sometimes, and the only thing to do is battle through it while also ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 6/10/17

Can someone explain to me why so many big leaguers simply ignore the third base coach and run through stop signs? This drives me nuts. Why do they think they know more than the guy who has the best angle to make the decision. And besides, that's a big part of his job. Granted, there are occasions where the player gets it right and scores when the coach was trying to hold him up. But more often than not, this insistence on the part of the baserunner results in a less than desirable conclusion and is often extremely costly. I mention this because I just saw it happen in the Friday night game between the Blue Jays and Mariners. Seattle guy runs right through the stop sign and is meat the plate. A definite pet peeve of mine that irritates me to no end, particularly when it's someone on my side that commits the mistake. ------------ Results for Friday are incomplete as I'm awaiting the results of the Mariners play. They're up 3-2 in the 8th as I'm writing this. Not a great ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Friday 6/9/17

I just finished reading a piece about how no possibility of a Triple Crown at this year's Belmont Stakes has dramatically reduced interest in the race. Duh. I think we all knew that already. Unfortunately for fans of the Sport of Kings, horse racing has largely become a few big events and not much else. The proof of that statement is illustrated here. The Belmont is one of the premier events of the entire year, and yet the lack of suspense due to no entry having a chance to win the Triple Crown, or even two legs this time around, and only the hardcores seem to have more than a passing interest. This column is not designed to be a slam on the sport itself. I'm sure not going to deny that I really look forward to my annual Del Mar excursion, but let's just say the horse racing is just a bonus. I primarily head there each year for some needed R&R at the beach while enjoying the ambiance and service at a legit five-star hotel. Horse racing is never going to dominate the sports ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 6/8/17

One of the hot topics vert the last couple of days has been whether this Golden State Warriors team is the best squad of all time. I don't know how to compare teams from different generations. All I can do is size them up against the competition they actually face. As far as that goes, good luck trying to make a case that any NBA team has ever been better than this Warriors outfit. The finish of Game Three was simply amazing. Golden State was down six with just over three minutes to play. It looked like the 16-0 playoff perfecto was toast. So the Warriors go on an 11-0 rampage to finish the game, and for all intents and purposes the set and the match. Personally, I'll be hoping for a small miracle, which is that Cleveland wins Game Four. I'm not trying to be a spoiler in terms of fans getting to view something truly historic. I just happen to have bet Golden State to win in five, so I need the Cavs to find a way to force a trip back to Oakland. Let's just say I'm not real ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 6/7/17

This is going to be another of those blogs where I link to a story. In this instance, it's an interview with Hall of Fame third baseman Mike Schmidt, one of the all-time great players. Here's the link. This is the classic example of why, if I were an agent or advisor to any celebrity, I would instruct them to speak in cliches all the time. In other words, talk while saying nothing of substance. Mike Schmidt is going to catch a ration of you know what over this interview. To be honest, I think, or at least hope, he just started off badly and while trying to climb out of the hole he dig, just made it even deeper. Judge for yourself. --------------------- 2-2 for me on Tuesday, and I cannot express in acceptable language how irritated I am with Pirates manager Clint Hurdle. Anyway, a harmless split, but it really should have been 3-1. Busy Wednesday coming up as I'll be in ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 5/6/17

I've been behind the microphone continuously for what is now 30 years. I've had the pleasure of interviewing some major sports celebrities, a few movie stars, and even a presidential candidate, who in fact went on to win. But the most bizarre on-air conversation I have ever had is unquestionably an extremely uncomfortable session with an individual I thought to be completely out of his bleeping mind. It remains the only time in three decades of doing this that I ever sat speechless after one particular exchange, and I ended the interview at that point. The reason I concluded the conversation was that the guest informed me, and the entire audience, that once his career was over he was resolved to take drastic action. The guest stated that if opening a gym didn't work out, he would probably "off" himself. I decided at that point I was talking with a complete nut job and I just wanted him way the blank out of my studio. Chalk one up for me in terms of exercising good ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Monday 6/5/17

Short blog this time, as I'll be unavailable Sunday evening. So just a quick recap, a fast promo and Monday's free play. Sunday was good. 3-0 on the diamond, with a net profit of about +3.3 at good numbers. Half unit loser appears a virtual certainty on my Cavs-Warriors Under, but no beefs as I won a full unit playing that way in Game One. The "Summer Special" is on the table right now. Simple package. You get everything I play for a full two months at the regular one-month rate. I'm never actually satisfied, but I'm at least relatively pleased with the way things are progressing, so take advantage of the offer and join me. For more info, email me directly at ------------- Good job by the Rockies as the Sunday free play winner, though they made things tougher than they could have been by whiffing on a couple of big scoring opportunities against the Padres. Nevertheless, a right result and it's on to Monday. PHILLIES at BRAVES (Pivetta-Colon) Take: OVER ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 6/4/17

Albert Pujols is now a member of a very exclusive club. He became only the ninth player in baseball history to hit 600 home runs. Pujols did it in style to boot, as his #600 was a grand slam. The question now is how many more legends Pujols will pass and whether he can hang around long enough to make a serious run at the Bonds-Aaron-Ruth trio at the top. It's possible though I'd make him an underdog to reach the top two.. Pujols is 37 and I can see him having three more seasons of production thanks to being able to serve virtually exclusively as a designated hitter. He figures to end up in the 620 neighborhood this season. Three more years with an average of 30 would edge him past Alex Rodriguez for the fourth spot. That would give him a real shot at Babe Ruth's 714. Wherever he ends up on the home run list, Pujols is obviously heading to Cooperstown as a first ballot Hall of Fame member. Count me as one of his fans. I've enjoyed watching him play all these years and absolutely ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 6/3/17

Tied up tonight, so I'm simply posting the Saturday free play and will catch up on everything else in the Sunday blog. The Saturday comp is actually a money line parlay on a couple of substantial chalk pieces. ASTROS (McCullers) at RANGERS (Cashner) INDIANS (Carrasco) at ROYALS (Hammel) Take: ASTROS/ INDIANS +147 The Astros are a monster right now, and McCullers is pitching at an extremely high level. Nice go by Cashner in his last start, and his 2.92 ERA suggests he's pitching well. But dig deeper and there's that one big red flag on the Cashner ledger, which is a negative BB/K ratio. I don't see how he gets away with all that contact against a Houston team that is scoring a ridiculous number of runs right now. KC righty Jason Hammel decided to make a pretty substantial delivery change two starts back. He is now pitching exclusively out of the stretch. It worked pretty well in the first start, a good showing against the Yankees. But the results were not good at all in ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Friday 6/2/17

I'll chime in on the Tiger Woods situation. This is not a view on Tiger as much as an observation to the reaction to Tiger's latest problem. First, to those who are absolutely trashing the guy, lighten up. The level of hate being displayed by some is troubling. You'd think the guy was a career criminal based on some of the comments. There's no denying Tiger's life has take quite the unexpected turn over the past several years, one I can't imagine many saw coming. But displaying poor judgement doesn't exactly qualify him for a wanted poster. On the flip side, to those ardently defending him and in the process feeling sorry for him, I don't think that's justified, either. Obviously, the seemingly endless array of injuries has short circuited his career on the golf course, and yes, that's probably pretty tough to swallow. But it also seems as though this has become an excuse for other problems that haven't got much to do with his golf game. So I'm not running to join the "Tiger ... More