Dave’s Free Play, Wednesday 2/13/13

Best card I've seen in several days tonight, and I'm eager to make the most of it with several strong opinions. It's one of those schedules with loads of advantage situations, and that should produce a healthy profit for the evening. One of the better pure scheduling dynamics spots is tonight's free opinion, so let's hope this one gets the job done! 02/13 04:00 PM CB (743) DEPAUL VS (744) NOTRE DAME Take: (743) DEPAUL Second meeting between DePaul and Notre Dame, and don't be shocked if this is just as tense as the initial one. The Fighting Irish needed OT to get past the Blue Demons the first time around, and it's hard to envision Notre Dame being razor sharp for the rematch. This is the first outing for ND since last weekend's epic marathon with Louisville, and the fact the Irish are facing a Big East bottom feeder they already defeated isn't going to fire them up. The game is bigger to DePaul and it's not like Notre Dame is a margin entry this season. I don't think the Blue ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Tuesday 2/12/13

Sorry, no writeup for the Tuesday play. Very early business to attend to on Tuesday. Will try and do some analysis on this play during the day, time permitting. But the Tuesday comp is... 522 Wright State +1 More

Dave’s Free Play, Monday 2/11/13

One of the great benefits to writing this blog is that it's a great way to promote my positive achievements. That's the idea, let as many eyes as possible read about how brilliant I am, and then wait for the requests to get my personal plays to come rolling in. Unfortunately, in the real world (as opposed to the sports service marketing universe) the winners sometime get overwhelmed by the losers. That's the way it has gone for me of late. I can bitch and moan about all the bad beats, and those have surfaced at an inordinate rate the last handful of days. But the bottom line is that the first ten days of February have been horseshit (sorry, but that's the most apt word I could come up with) and all that matters is that there's a nasty red figure staring at me right now. I like the chances of the road to recovery getting underway tonight. And for more info on getting those personal plays, your email is welcome at cokin@cox.net. Here's the comp for Monday as Kansas State duels ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 2/10/13

Free play on San Diego was pretty much a miracle winner. Happy it got there, but on balance Lady Luck (or on days like this one, the Luck Bitch) was certainly not with me. Northern Arizona might well be the most ridiculous loser I've taken all season. Up 18 with about 7:00 minutes to play, they can't even win the game, let alone cover. What made this really weird is that the culprit for Eastern Washington was some end of the bench guy who had barely played all season. He comes in and for ten minutes turns into Larry Bird, with a batch of threes and a whopping 14 points. Pretty amazing considering this player had registered only 17 points for the campaign prior to this explosion. Bizarre game, to put it mildly, and just no fun at all for me. Here's Sunday's comp. 02/10 03:00 PM CB (837) ILLINOIS VS (838) MINNESOTA Take: (838) MINNESOTA The rough ride for Illinois finally came to a halt on Thursday. The Illini finished the Indiana game on a 13-2 tear and won it at the buzzer ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 2/9/13

Tidy 2-0 sweep for me on Friday. I ended up using the Utah State free play as a personal selection as well, and nailed an Ivy League winner with Yale. On to Saturday and the usual big ticket. Get info on receiving the exact same plays I'm on myself, minus all the gimmicks, by sending me an email at cokin@cox.net. ---------------- 02/09 08:00 PM CB (667) SAINT MARYS CA VS (668) SAN Take: (668) SAN DIEGO Saint Mary's is clearly superior to San Diego, and the Gaels completely dominated the earlier meeting, winning by a lopsided 81-48 count. Look for the rematch to be a whole lot closer. The Toreros are playing much better basketball of late and have clawed their way to the right side of .500. I don't know if they're good enough to steal the outright upset here, but the position couldn't be much better. Saint Mary's is off a brilliant effort on the road Thursday at Santa Clara in what was supposed to be a tough game, and on deck for the Gaels is the big showdown with Gonzaga. I've ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Friday 2/8/13

Back in the profit column on Thursday night, and now looking forward to a big weekend of winners. Find out more on how to get my personal plays each day by sending an email to cokin@cox.net. You'll deal directly with me, no third party reps, and if you like the arrangement, I'm sure you'll enjoy the results as well! As always a thin card on Friday. I'll look at the WAC duel between Utah State and San Jose State for the comp selection. ------- 02/08 07:00 PM CB (833) UTAH STATE VS (834) SAN JOSE STATE Take: (833) UTAH STATE This has been a frustrating season for Stew Morrill, as Utah State has been beset by injury issues that are still lingering. But after losing four straight contests, the Aggies got back on track last weekend with a road sweep and they should pick up another win here. This is Utah State's only game all week, so the focus should be there. San Jose State was doing okay at 9-6, but then they lost guard James Kinney, by far their best player, and the Spartans ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Thursday 2/7/13

Horrible night for me on Wednesday thanks to an ill-fated decision to play a couple of situational Unders in the NBA. Neither ever got a sniff and as a result, a very difficult night. The free play was a bust as well as Delaware got crushed at Towson. Big card for me on Thursday night, all in college, and I'm expecting the usual rapid rebound. The free opinion is on a team that has struggled mightily of late, but this might be a good spot to give them a roll. For info on getting my personal plays each day, drop me a line at cokin@cox.net. ----------------- 02/07 04:00 PM CB (509) INDIANA (510) ILLINOIS Take: (510) ILLINOIS Rough sledding for Illinois since the 12-0 start, and not the easiest opponent to stop the bleeding against. But if there's a spot for the Illini to jump up and spring an upset, this might be it. They'll at least get the tempo to their liking as Indiana loves to run. The Hoosiers are off Michigan and have a huge Sunday date at Ohio State, so the scheduling ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Wednesday 2/6/13

Thin card for me on Tuesday resulted in a split. Winner with Florida State in college, loser with the Hawks in the NBA. The Wednesday card looks more enticing. That goes for the free play as well, as I'm taking a revenge minded visitor that I believe will be good enough to get it done in a close call tonight. 02/06 04:00 PM CB (761) DELAWARE VS (762) TOWSON Take: (761) DELAWARE Second meeting between Delaware and Towson, with the Tigers coming out on top the first time around by a 69-66 count. Maybe I should say somehow coming out on top, as it's a game the Tigers probably should not have won. But that's exactly what they did, mostly thanks to a great night shooting their two-point FG's, hitting 23/34. Towson is definitely one of the better stories this season. They currently 12-12, which might not seem like a major accomplishment. But after finishing 1-31 last year, it's pretty impressive. Delaware is also at .500, but the Blue Hens are a disappointment with all five starters ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Tuesday 2/5/13

I've got Inside Information to share with you tonight! And here it is. Anyone in my line of work who EVER advertises they have inside information is a liar. The only exception to this absolute is if the person or company in possession of this info is dumber than mud. I don't want to turn this into a novel, so here's the simple skinny on inside information. If you are willing to share with it everyone, whether for a fee or gratis...then it's NO LONGER INSIDE INFORMATION! So the entire process of promoting that you have inside info is a total sucker play. I've gotten some great inside information over the years. I once got info on a ringer running in the first race at Narragansett on some bleak winter day back in the 1970's. The info came from the jockey, who happened to be in substantial arrears with his local sports accountant and thought this would be a good way to wipe away the deficit. It was gold, and the horse (listed as Conistical but in reality a much higher grade horse ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Monday 2/4/13

Lost my 49ers side in the Super Bowl, but had a good day regardless with a 2-0 hoop sweep. I know I'm in the minority as far as bettors go, but to me the Super Bowl has never been worth any more than an obscure college basketball game, at least from a monetary standpoint. So I'll take my 2-1 day and move on to the next card. The free play was an easy winner with Wisconsin having little trouble against a badly struggling Illinois team that continues to look clueless. For info on how you can get my personal plays on a daily basis, just email me at cokin@cox.net. Meanwhile, here's a look at Monday's comp. ------------- 02/04 04:00 PM CB (715) OKLAHOMA VS (716) IOWA STATE Take: (715) OKLAHOMA I'll try to bite the hand that just fed me. Iowa State was the Saturday free play and the Cyclones came through with the win and cover against Baylor. I see this contest being tougher for the hosts. Oklahoma has exceeded expectations this season, and that's no surprise to me. Lon Kruger might ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 02/03/13

It's Super Bowl Sunday! Might as well throw in a plug for my party. I'm hosting with the sensational Bobbi Billard at Crazy Horse 3 and if the prior two Big Game bashes at CH3LV are a barometer of what it's going to be like today...all I can say is okay! If you're here in Las Vegas, go to http://crazyhorse3.com and make your reservation! As for the hoops, I hit a bump in the road Saturday. Not a disaster by any means, but a red figure is never good. Losing a tough one with Iona hurt. So did staying off a couple of plays I simply should have fired on, although I also avoided a couple of potholes along the way. Right back on track today. The free play on Iowa State got there, and here's the comp for Sunday. Enjoy the big game...but remember, it's JUST ONE GAME! ----------------- 02/03 12:30 PM CB (819) WISCONSIN VS (820) ILLINOIS Take: (819) WISCONSIN This has been a tale of two seasons for Illinois. Part one was a dream for the Illini. Part two has been a nightmare. Illinois ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 2/2/13

I split a pair of NBA plays on Friday in what amounts to the calm before the storm. We're now into rematch time in college basketball, and I've always felt this to be the best time of season to bet the sport with expectations of a solid return on the investments. It's also the stretch run where my power rankings really kick in and I'll shortly be firing on an underdog formula that has really paid some nice dividends the last few years. Needless to say, I'm anticipating a big run. Results have been heavily positive the last few weeks, so the positive momentum is sure there! Most of my free plays have some statistical merit or fall into some favorable scheduling dynamics. Today's play is simply based on observations based on watching the two teams involved. Gotta trust what you see every once in awhile. 02/02 05:00 PM CB (661) BAYLOR VS (662) IOWA STATE Sometimes it's more about passing or failing the eye test than anything else. Case in point is today's Big 12 duel between Baylor ... More