Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 1/20/13

Just about everything went right for me on Saturday. I'm not really big on hyping any random day's results, so let's leave it at that. The only focus now is to do it again today. Here's the free play for the day. 01/20 03:00 PM CB (815) CLEMSON VS (816) NORTH CAROLINA STATE Take: (816) NORTH CAROLINA STATE North Carolina State figured to be in a dead spot off the upset win against Duke. Sure enough, the Wolfpack came up short in a trip to Maryland. But they actually impressed me in the defeat. I thought the defense would suffer, but the fact is they played with plenty of focus. They simply could not get the ball to go in the basket, which is highly unusual for one of the best shooting teams in the country. Back home and now off a loss, I have to think NC State gets it back together today. Clemson is off a pair of quality wins, but those were at Littlejohn. The away from home stats for the Tigers are almost comically awful. The tough part here is that Clemson is working very hard ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 1/19/13

The NHL is back in action, and while that will mean nothing to most sports fans (and I sure can't blame them) it's a good opportunity to pad the bankroll, as hockey remains a very beatable game. My NHL plays are almost exclusively money line with the majority being underdogs. Find the value, get the money. And yes, I'm in action right out of the gate, albeit with only one play. College hoops card looks ripe today. Some excellent situational spots and when those possible plays line up with my numbers, it's time to swing into action. If you'd like more info on how to get my personal plays each day in all sports, simply drop me a line at cokin@cox.net. Free play for the day is a Big Sky hookup. 01/19 06:00 PM CB (731) EASTERN WASHINGTON VS (732) NORTHERN COLORADO Take: (732) NORTHERN COLORADO Things continue to go badly for Eastern Washington. This team has been plagued by a multitude of problems all season, and it sure doesn't seem to be getting any better for Jim Hayford's ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Friday 1/18/13

Not a whole lot to choose from on the Friday night college slate. Since I don't really follow Stony Brook or Vermont to any extent, that leaves me just one game, the MAAC duel between Fairfield and Iona. Let's break it down and see how it goes! 01/18 06:00 PM CB (819) FAIRFIELD VS (820) Take: (819) FAIRFIELD It's the ultimate contrast in styles when Fairfield and Iona get together. Patience is the main virtue for the Stags. Iona wants to play racehorse and let outstanding guard Lamont Jones do his thing. So this figures to be the usual battle of wills, and whichever team gets the pace their way is probably going to win. If the Gaels are able to get into sprint mode, they're going to win comfortably. Iona might just be good enough to win at Fairfield's speed, but covering gets a lot dicier in that case. The Stags have to contain Jones, and they absolutely must not allow Sean Armand to get open looks from long range. Iona doesn't guard the three well at all, but that won't matter ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Thursday 1/17/13

Thursdays are generally good for me, as the schedule offers a wide array of games from the non-marquee conferences, and that's where I often produce my best results. Hopefully, that continues tonight as I will likely be on a good batch of plays. Here's the free look for Thursday, and it's actually on a team I will generally fade when I have the chance. 01/17 04:00 PM CB (515) DUQUESNE (516) MASSACHUSETTS Take: (516) MASSACHUSETTS Reason: Massachusetts is one of my least favorite teams in college basketball. The Minutemen have some legit talent, but they can only play at one speed, make too many bad decisions and frequently act as if playing defense is against the law. I'm not sold at all on Derek Kellogg as a head coach, and I think it's fair to say that UMass is a fraud despite an okay 11-4 record. If that all sounds like a team I want to play against, it usually is, particularly if they're favored. But this is a matchup that should allow UMass to succeed simply on the basis ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Wednesday 1/16/13

The usual huge Wednesday college hoop card awaits, and while I doubt I'll have a financial stake in the outcome, I can't wait for the big MWC showdown between UNLV and San Diego State. Physically, it's a good matchup for the Runnin' Rebels, and these two teams usually go right to the wire. But it's so tough to trust UNLV on the road. So strictly a fan on that game. Here's one I like a little more. (751) TOLEDO VS (752) WESTERN MICHIGAN Take: (752) WESTERN MICHIGAN Not much attention will be paid to this unattractive MAC hookup. But I see this as a decent spot for the home team. Toledo is ineligible for post-season play this season, so I've been trying to find spots that are meaningful and also searching for those that might not fall into that category. Coming off an OT win last time out, this could fall into the latter realm. But the impetus for this opinion is more on Western Michigan. The Broncos have a wide disparity in their home and away stats this season. Awful on the road, ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Tuesday 1/15/13

Clean slate on Monday, albeit on a short card. More of the same on Tuesday, as there's (right now) just one college game I really like. I didn't find anything of value elsewhere on the college slate, but there's an NBA hookup that interests me, so I'll tab that as the free opinion. NBA (511) MILWAUKEE BUCKS VS (512) LOS ANGELES LAKERS Take: (511) MILWAUKEE BUCKS Reason: Mike D'Antoni commented following Friday's lopsided loss to Oklahoma City that the Lakers season was starting Sunday. Ah yes, the old brand new start, we're 0-0 ploy. Thus, after shredding a bad Cleveland team on Sunday, the Lakers are now 1-0 in what amounts to D'Antoni's Part Two of the NBA season. Sounds good if I'm a Laker fan, I suppose, and I actually like the approach in terms of trying to rev up the players. But in truth the Lakers are 16-21, can't play defense, are shorthanded with injuries and are at best an average NBA team. The Bucks are a couple games on the right side of .500, and they're 3-1 since ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Monday 1/14/13

Short slate on Monday in the colleges. There's really just one game that stands out to me, and obviously that's reserved for my clients. The Big Monday doubleheader should be fun to watch, however, and I've at least got a lean in the leadoff clash between Louisville and Connecticut, so that's the free play for the day. By the way, if you'd like info on how to get my personal plays, just drop me an email at cokin@cox.net. (717) LOUISVILLE VS (718) CONNECTICUT Take: (717) LOUISVILLE Reason: UConn returns home off an impressive win at Notre Dame and the Huskies will be very fired up tonight as they host Louisville. I can certainly see where a good case can be made for the home dog. The two teams match up almost dead even in most categories. But there's one big strength on the Louisville side that is also the weak point for UConn. The Cardinals are exceptional on the offensive glass and UConn has a tendency to give up second chances. On the flip side, I would not expect the Huskies to ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 1/13/13

Okay results for me on Saturday, and it was nice to get the free play back on track after a few tough beats. Today's free opinion is on what is clearly the marquee tilt on the college slate. I can almost guarantee this will be the "sharp" side, which actually doesn't thrill me. I'm more at my best focusing on the games most bettors don't care about. Nevertheless, I think this is a pretty good spot on one side, so let's hope it gets there! (821) MICHIGAN VS (822) OHIO STATE Take: (822) OHIO STATE Reason: Michigan is loaded. The Wolverines are one of my Final Four projected teams, and if they win it all, I sure won't be surprised. But right now this squad is in the uncomfortable position of being the last team standing, as the Wolverines are now the only unbeaten entry in the entire D-1 field. That's the ultimate target and I can see Michigan falling today. Ohio State is another powerhouse, and their joint is going to be insane today. I also think the Buckeyes are one of the few ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 1/12/13

Loaded card today, and some outstanding situational spots to hopefully take advantage of along the way! Here's one such scenario in the Big West, and I'll make this my free opinion for Saturday. (681) CAL SANTA BARBARA VS (682) UC DAVIS Take: (681) CAL SANTA BARBARA Reason: Tough times for the Gauchos so far this season, and I really don't think they're much of a team. But this looks like a spot where UCSB will have a decent shot at notching a road win. UC-Davis has surprised me this season, performing well above my expectations. But they're off a tremendous comeback win against Cal Poly that they won at the buzzer. Tough enough for a good team to avoid flattening out off such a win. For a squad not really used to winning a whole lot of games, it's even tougher. Under normal conditions, I'd pass this, but it's a nice fade the host scenario, so I'll gran the points with UC-Santa Barbara. More

Dave’s Free Opinion, Friday 1/11/13

Free plays in 2012 were ridiculously successful. Well over 60% for the entire year. Not so hot out of the 2013 gate. Hopefully, better results coming, starting tonight! My top Thursday play was San Diego getting points at San Francisco in a WCC hookup. Looked like a nasty rerun of Wednesday's William & Mary disaster, as the Toreros squandered a big lead and the dreaded dog in OT scenario became a real possibility heading to the regulation finish line. Fortunately, USD held on for the 70-66 win. That saved those sitting nearby in the crowded restaurant I was dining in from a lengthy stream of profanity that was simply going to be unavoidable. On we go to Friday, and a pretty obvious NBA spot, but one nonetheless worth looking at. ----------------- (819) PORTLAND TRAILBLAZERS VS (820) GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS Take: (820) GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS Reason: If I had a vote for first half NBA Coach of the Year, it would go to Portland's Terry Stott. On paper, this is a mediocre lineup with ... More

Dave’s Free Opinion, Thursday 1/10/13

Not the best of results for me on Wednesday, mostly due to an incredible bad beat on William & Mary. The Tribe, five point dogs at Towson, appeared to have this game just about locked up. Leading by a healthy nine points with only two minutes to play, my side managed to turn it over five times in those last 120 seconds. And rather than just lose outright and at least cover, the game naturally went to overtime. Then double OT, at which point W&M got blown out by 13. Losses don't come much tougher than that, but the only way to deal with it is to just forget and move on. -------------- (539) MASSACHUSETTS VS (540) SAINT LOUIS Take: (540) SAINT LOUIS Major clash in styles here, as UMass wants to play as fast as they can and Saint Louis prefers to grind. I don't think it's at all likely that the Minutemen will be able to get the Billikens out of their comfort zone, and that's when things have a tendency to go awry for Massachusetts. They're what I call a low IQ team as they ... More

Dave’s Free Opinion, Wednesday 1/9/13

(797) MISSISSIPPI VS (798) TENNESSEE Take: (798) TENNESSEE Reason: I'm not sold on Cuonzo Martin as a head coach at this level. I'm not impressed with the hoop IQ of this Tennessee team. My pre-season opinion that the Volunteers were overrated and nothing more than a middle of the pack SEC team looks accurate, especially with Jeronne Maymon now apparently redshirting due to injury. Ole Miss is playing good ball and just on the numbers, they're the better team here. All that said, I'm looking at this as a statement game for the hosts. Off the disappointing loss to Memphis, I'll call this a major character check for Tennessee. Figures close but with the knowledge that Maymon isn't going to be putting on the jersey this season, I'm sensing a major effort from the Volunteers tonight, so I'll chance Tennessee as small chalk. More